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Family Law

  • Is your marriage breaking down?
  • Do you feel the only solution is divorce?
  • Are you struggling with child support arrearages or having visitation issues
  • Do you need a family trust or to specify legal guardianship in case of emergency?

At Holt Legal Group, we understand and appreciate the gravity of determining the right course of action when solving family law issues. You need a dedicated, trustworthy partner focused on providing comprehensive and empathetic counsel to solve your pressing legal concerns.

Don’t let family law issues weigh you down. Begin the process of finding peace of mind today.

Located in Noblesville, Indiana, Holt Legal Group brings more than 80 years of combined experience in resolving family law affairs. Residents of Hamilton County and surrounding Indianapolis communities rely on our practice as a trusted resource. Our primary effort is to secure satisfying outcomes that meet your best interests and enable you to proceed with your daily life unburdened by worry.
Family legal issues often become emotionally charged, leading to outcomes that can wound and permanently impact all parties. The attorneys at Holt Legal Group understand the delicate nature of addressing family law issues and identifying agreeable solutions that provide closure.

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